Muse-ing Column for WGA

The Muse-ings column I created for Written By, the magazine of the Writers’ Guild of America, was a lot of fun. I edited the column for several years and wrote several pertaining to my own writing process and career history. Muse-ings was a welcoming place for writers to discuss their creative process, and I loved writing for it. And I loved reading other writers’ columns, all of which had a unique perspective on the life of a writer.


This column was written out of frustration during a time I was rewriting a spec script, and got conflicting notes about it from everyone – friends, agents, other writers, and my own inner critic. I learned, time and time again, to follow my own instincts into the other worlds of the imagination. And apparently I will have to keep learning that, over and over...


I wrote this Muse-ings column during a time I felt constricted in the television business by my gender and my age. Reading it reminds me of all the amazing worlds I knew nothing about personally, but was able to create out of my own imagination and a great deal of research. When I look back I’m impressed by how much I learned about so many different subjects, and by how much I’ve forgotten about all of them. But that won’t stop me from doing it again. And again. And again. It’s a gift to be able to explore lives and universes different than my own.