Quotes. Whether I’ve written them myself, or gathered them from people who are much smarter than I am, they give me comfort and a sense of understanding and being understood.

They’re on my bulletin board, on my refrigerator, my desk, my iPhone and my computer. It doesn’t matter where or when I come across one, they make me smile, or bring a tear, or inspire me. You will also find some of my favorites throughout my website. Whether they are my own associated with their corresponding image or script, or simply some that come to mind.

Just yesterday, somewhere on top of my pile of filing, I found one from Heraclitus: “No one steps twice in the same river.” And just below it, there was one that was unattributed, and could have been mine – or not – that wasn’t as poetic, but gave me the same satisfaction: “Every element in the Universe exists in a state of constant change and becoming.” The sages, current (George Lucas!) or from long ago and far away (Voltaire!), make me know myself and the world better, and for that I am ever grateful.