By Myself
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First blog effort on my own. If you asked my brother Joel how I am with computers, he'd laugh. A few years ago, we had major fights because I don't like not knowing how to do things. I get frustrated. I get annoyed. I feel dumb. And then somehow I learn. I am hoping that the same process will apply today. I've become better at computers, but maybe not so adept at websites. It'll be a learning process, and gratefully, the more I do something, the better I get. Hope that holds true here, because there's nobody to fight with but me.

Emilio teaching Hannah how to blog

Think of it as being in Kindergarten. Emilio trying to teach a neophyte how to use the alphabet. That's what's happening right now. Next time, I'll be doing it on my own and we'll see what happens.


I’ve been circling the rewrite of my novel’s second draft for about a month now, hoping that I was moving closer and closer. I’ve jotted notes here and there, and thought about it. A lot.

Then yesterday morning, in my twilight sleep/wake, as Tommy watched me stir and meowed for an early breakfast, the first sentence of the new prologue came to me. My eyes were still closed. The rest of the chapter appeared in my head, in almost full form. My cat didn’t get fed for a while, nor did I.

And here we go.