Quotes. Whether I’ve written them myself, or gathered them from people who are much smarter than I am, they give me comfort and a sense of understanding and being understood.

They’re on my bulletin board, on my refrigerator, my desk, my iPhone and my computer. It doesn’t matter where or when I come across one, they make me smile, or bring a tear, or inspire me. You will also find some of my favorites throughout my website. Whether they are my own associated with their corresponding image or script, or simply some that come to mind.


I used to run a column, occasionally writing one myself, about writers and their creative process in Written By, (and before that, The Journal) the Writers’ Guild of America, west monthly magazine. Over almost ten years, it gave me enormous pleasure to hear and see how other writers faced the world, both the external one and their internal one. As long as the column was connected to their creativity or process, they could write on any topic they chose.

IT’S JUST CHOCOLATE: Another Time in L.A.

Memories of growing up in L.A., and missing what's gone (along with who's gone). If Art's Deli closes, you can just put me away.