This column was written out of frustration during a time I was rewriting a spec script, and got conflicting notes about it from everyone – friends, agents, other writers, and my own inner critic. I learned, time and time again, to follow my own instincts into the other worlds of the imagination. And apparently I will have to keep learning that, over and over...


I wrote this Muse-ings column during a time I felt constricted in the television business by my gender and my age. Reading it reminds me of all the amazing worlds I knew nothing about personally, but was able to create out of my own imagination and a great deal of research. When I look back I’m impressed by how much I learned about so many different subjects, and by how much I’ve forgotten about all of them. But that won’t stop me from doing it again. And again. And again. It’s a gift to be able to explore lives and universes different than my own.

10-4, SQUAD 51

Every single time I hear a siren, I look to see where it’s coming from, what kind of rig or ambulance is whizzing by, City or County, where it’s going, and I wonder what’ll happen when it arrives at its destination. Every single time. This is one of the legacies I received from working on Emergency!. The Muse-ings column, 10-4, Squad 51, was written to honor a show that I felt never got the recognition it deserved – at least not by the television creative community.